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About us


Flow Club is a virtual co-working space where people work in high-intensity sprints designed to double their productivity.

We envision a world where...

Our mission is to build the software that powers the most inspiring and productive work environment for knowledge workers.

Our members love Flow Club. We’re growing quickly, just presented at Y Combinator's Summer 2021 Demo Day, raised $5M, and hiring our founding team.

We are backed by Worklife Ventures, a firm investing in companies re-designing the way work gets done in the future, and 100 more of the world's best investors and operators. Among our investors are Paul Graham and the founders of iconic companies like Dropbox, Mercury, Quora, Outschool, and Sendbird.

Finally, we are inspired by our members and hosts who we see everyday working out of Flow Club building the most incredible things. They remind us great things are built incrementally, one step at a time.

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Flow Club Hosts meetup in NYC on September 27, 2021

⭐️Open roles

$10k referral bonus and VIP seats to a Sacramento Kings game / SFJAZZ if you refer us to someone we end up hiring as a founding engineer.

Product Designer

Founding Front End Engineer

Founding Full Stack Engineer

Member & Host Experience Lead

Operations Lead

Make up your own role? (if you think you can contribute, email us)

Why now?

The future of work is already here, but the way we work is stuck in the past. Remember the debate on open plan offices? The Covid-19 pandemic just made that sound really quaint.

There are two broad shifts and one inciting incident that enabled Flow Club to exist and thrive.

Shift #1: Our attention is more valuable than ever

We live in the most exciting times. We live in the most distracting times. Everything is vying for our attention. With the pandemic, now work has completely trampled over whatever boundaries we had set to try to leave work at work. Flow Club is part of the movement along with companies like Calm and Superhuman to reclaim our time, attention, balance to empower us to thrive at work and in life.

Shift #2: Our work is more autonomous than ever

From the industrial revolution to the rise of the knowledge worker, the nature of our work has shifted from being done together on a factory floor where each person is responsible for executing a simple task to being done separately on our laptops where each person is responsible for solving problems so complex and ambiguous they can hardly be managed. As a result, we are on our own, and we are expected to be productive on our own with minimal structure and support. Authors like Cal Newport has traced this history of work through his writing. Flow Club, like WeWork (flexible desks), Automattic and Gitlab (they were remote before it was cool/required), is part of the movement to re-design the work environment for today's autonomous worker.

Inciting incident: Covid-19 pandemic forced us to re-examine the way we work

Before the pandemic, we were already drowning in distraction and struggling to be productive, but most of us didn't think about it very much or we simply blamed ourselves for lacking discipline or willpower. Then the pandemic untethered us from the office and our routines. We had to re-configure how we work starting from where we work, how we collaborate, to how we stay productive. For the first time, there is an opportunity to build a consumer-first brand around work just like there's a consumer-first brand around sleep (Calm), exercise (Peloton), nutrition (Noom), etc. and that's Flow Club's opportunity.

In our members' own words